Love Virtually by Daniel Glattauer



This is the story of Leo and Emmi, who have an accidental meeting of emails when Emmi sends an email to Leo in an attempt to cancel a magazine subscription. From this follows a handful of witty emails between the two of them. When an obvious connection through words evolves the correspondence continues. It soon begins to form an important part of both their days, both looking forward to contact from the other and if both are online together at the same time emails ping between themselves as conversation deepens and becomes more intimate.

Very quickly emotions develop and are written about as a dangerous closeness rises to the surface – Emmi is married and has two step children.

I thought the novel was excellent, I read it in one sitting as I just couldn’t put it down, I had to see how it was going to continue. The email format makes for a very addictive read, most of us today are familiar with email correspondence and this seemed so genuine, it was slightly voyeuristic! 

It shows how important and addictive the Internet can be, the impact it can have on personal lives and emotions and its place in modern society.

An added bonus is that the book has a sequel, so there is more to read of Leo and Emmi, I will definitely be seeking it out as I just wanted to continue reading when I came to the end.

A love story for the Internet age and one that will not fail to pull you in – excellent.




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