What the Night Knows by Dean Koontz




I have been a Dean Koontz fan for a long time, years in fact, starting from when I was probably around fifteen years old. His novels, regardless of if they veered more towards thriller, horror or fantasy territory, never failed to grip and engage with the pace and depth of both the characters and the story. I was thrilled to get this book to review, but reading it has been quite a lengthy process, taking almost two weeks!


The plot was interesting, John Calvino a police officer with a haunting and traumatic secret long since buried, is drawn to the case of Billy Lucas accused of killing his own family. John, unable to shake the unnerving feelings of his past, starts to investigate the circumstances of these killings, in the process isolating his family, job and colleagues. Whilst John is trying to find out about the past and present in order to prepare for the future, each of his family members start having strange and at times violent experiences, all linked to the one thing John is most scared of. I thought the character of Melody was extremely chilling, especially towards the end!


Although I did like the story, I felt it was missing the excitement and tension I have come to associate with Dean Koontz, which in turn dampened the plot a bit for me. If you haven’t been tempted to pick up a Dean Koontz book before, I wouldn’t suggest you start with this one, but would highly urge and recommend you to try one of his back catalogue novels; Intensity, one of my favourite books ever!


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