The Accident by C.L. Taylor



The Accident by C.L. Taylor is a gripping, suspenseful and fascinating read, perfect for fans of psychological thrillers.

Sue Jackson is married to Brian, has a daughter, a stepson and relaxes at night with a book and a glass of wine. On the surface life seems pretty rosy. Until her fifteen year old daughter, Charlotte, steps in front of a bus and ends up in a coma. Sue doesn’t believe what happened was an accident and is drawn into a consuming search to uncover the truth.
The book follows Sue as she tries to piece together the actions leading up to this tragic event, driven on by a diary entry written by her daughter. The trail she follows veers towards a sinister undercurrent which leads back twenty years to Sue’s very own past.
The novel is interspersed with diary entries written by Sue during an abusive relationship with James. These entries contribute to the feeling of menace and give another dimension to Sue’s character.
Doubted by those close to her, Sue finds herself alone trying to protect her daughter as the ominous feeling rumbles throughout the pages.
A dark, full bodied read that would appeal to fans of Elizabeth Haynes, S J Watson and Elizabeth Forbes.
You can find out more about C. L. Taylor here  and here
Thank you to Netgalley   and Avon  for my review copy.




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