Thirteen Weddings by Paige Toon



Take one girl who has a fear of churches, who doesn’t believe in marriage and add thirteen weddings…

Bronte arrives in London, from Australia, to attend the wedding of childhood friend Polly. During the hen night celebrations Bronte meets Alex. They share one blissful night together but in the morning Alex receives a text message from his ex, Zara, asking to meet and Bronte flies home to Australia.
Bronte soon returns to London, landing a job at a magazine, not expecting to see Alex again, she is shocked to find out he is her new colleague. 
Meanwhile, Bronte, ends up connecting with wedding photographer, Rachel, who she met through her friend Polly. She agrees to help out with some of the weddings Rachel has booked for the rest of the year. At one of these weddings she meets Lachie, a fellow Australian whose easy going nature and good looks catch Bronte’s attention.
Bronte is torn between Alex and Lachie. Alex is now engaged to Zara and their wedding is booked. Lachie is single and slips in easily with Bronte’s group of friends. Bronte struggles with her feelings for Alex and what could have been and those for Lachie and what could be.
Family secrets simmer in the background, friendships are formed and difficult decisions are never far away.
A great summer read, consisting of love, friendship and travel. 
I really like the way Paige Toon also includes mentions of characters from previous books, it’s a great way of getting a snapshot update on past characters!
You can read more about Paige Toon here – and here – @PaigeToonAuthor
Thank you to Netgalley and publishers  for my review copy.

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