The Long Fall by Julia Crouch



Emma –

Greece, 1980, eighteen year old, lone traveller Emma, has arrived in Athens, low in spirit and felling isolated. Emma is approached by Jake, a fellow traveller who extends the hand of friendship, later in the evening whilst enjoying dinner they meet and welcome Beattie to their table.

Over the next few days the trio spend their days drinking, taking drugs and sleeping it all off on a hostel roof – the coolest place to sleep and escape the cloying heat. Emma’s mood is bolstered and a sense of belonging envelopes her.
The three of them decide to travel to one of the quieter Greek islands, Ikaria, longing to find paradise. Instead they are involved in a violent event. An event which Emma will never forget.
Kate –
In London, Kate lives a magazine perfect life. A long marriage, a huge house filled with modern art, a famous face of the charity she began and no money troubles.
Except somebody has tracked Kate down, somebody from her very distant past. Somebody who wants revenge and knows just how to get it.
This novel is a dark, twisty, absorbing psychological thriller. The two timelines work brilliantly together adding to the menacing atmosphere as bit by bit the full story is revealed.
You can find out more about Julia Crouch here – and here –  
Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers @headlinepg for my review copy.

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