Little Mercies by Heather Gudenkauf

Little Mercies

Ellen Moore, is a social worker dedicated to helping vulnerable children. Ellen has been involved with some harrowing situations and is particularly haunted by one of her past cases.

Juggling her work and home life, Ellen sets off one morning, half listening to her husband as she rushes to leave on time.

Ellen receives a distressing call from a child she works with and rushes off to help.

A moment of concentration loss, leads to a shocking incident, one that spins Ellen’s world out of control.

Running parallel to Ellen’s story is that of Jenny. Ten year old Jenny lives with her father, she has a troubled background and all is clearly not well with her current living arrangements. Embarking upon another of their fresh starts, Jenny and her father prepare to leave for a new city and the promise of work. Things get out of hand as they are waiting for their bus, which leaves Jenny boarding it alone.

When Jenny arrives in the new city she is befriended by Maudene, who she meets at a pancake diner and who takes it upon herself to look after her.

Two worlds about to collide, two families whose lives will be forever changed.

This is a fantastic read! The characters and settings are extremely believable and the tone of Heather Gudenkauf’s writing really adds to the atmosphere. The two main stories link seamlessly, I loved the twists and reveals.

A story with great depth, the horror that results from a moments loss of concentration, which could happen to us all, really adds to the desperateness of the characters story.

You can find out more about Heather Gudenkauf here – and here – @hgudenkauf


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