Quarter Past Two on a Wednesday Afternoon by Linda Newbery



A warm, August afternoon, spent lounging in the garden of the family home. The last time Rose is seen by her sister, Anna.

What a cracking read!
I loved this book – the images it created, the suspenseful story, each of the characters and the way it flowed from past to present.
The mystery surrounding Rose’s disappearance is full of intriguing twists, weighted against the story of how Anna and her Mother and Father, have carried Rose with them ever since.
Anna, now in her thirties, hasn’t ended up living the life she had envisioned. She appears restless, both with her job and relationship with Martin and unsure of the direction her life is taking. Perhaps prompted by the looming sale of her family home, Anna dives deeply into trying to discover what did happen to Rose, twenty years ago.
At the same time, Sandra, Rose and Anna’s Mother, appears to be having trouble holding things together. Sandra’s history alongside her present story is perfectly placed and holds a mystery all of its own.
A suspenseful, intriguing read, cleverly written with characters whose stories are extremely well developed – engrossing and satisfying!
You can read more about Linda Newbery here – @lindanewbery and here – www.lindanewbery.co.uk
Thank you to @NetGalley for my review copy.

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