Now That You’re Gone by Julie Corbin


Isla and Dougie,  twins whose bond has remained strong well into adulthood.  
Following Isla's divorce,  her brother Dougie,  moved closer to her in order to 
support her and help with her two children.  The two of them work for the same 
company,  although Dougie,  an ex-marine did the more in depth private 

The two of them shared a close relationship and talked daily.  This is reflected 
with the narration of the story.  Dougie's body is found in the River Clyde,  Isla is suspicious 
of the circumstances and takes it upon herself to pursue the truth, narrating 
this journey to her brother as she proceeds. 

Running alongside the unravelling of her brother's mysterious death,  we also 
discover that not everything is as it seems with Isla's own life. 

Driven by the need to make sense of Dougie's death,  Isla finds herself in seedy part 
of town mixing with some unsavoury characters.  Here she puts her own life at 
risk and that of Dougie's ex-wife,  who despite not being an easy fit with 
the family,  still carries a deep love for Dougie. 

I found the beginning of this story a bit of a slow burner,  laying down the foundations and fuelling 
the mystery.  What develops from this is a twist laden, psychological thriller,  
it kept me wondering what the outcome would be and puzzling over most of the characters  

An intriguing family based thriller, just how far would you be prepared to go for somebody you love?

Thank you to @NetGalley  and @HodderBooks for my review copy. 

You can follow Julie Corbin, here @Julie_Corbin

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