Die Again by Tess Gerritsen


Tess Gerritsen is absolutely one of my favourite authors. I’ve read all of the books in the Rizzoli and Isles series, so was really excited when the latest one was released!

This book focuses tightly on the plot and not so much on Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles’ characters.
It switches between two main stories, that of a group of tourists on a dream safari holiday in Botswana and several deaths closer to home, beginning with the gruesome murder of a well renowned taxidermist.
Those on safari in Botswana have opted for a more authentic safari experience, out in the wild, camping. Things certainly don’t go as planned and suspicion and survival soon overtake the once in a lifetime trip they had planned.
The writing is fantastic, exciting and clever,  I was completely absorbed in what was happening.
Some parts of the book are very atmospheric and menacing, which adds to the tension as chapter by chapter a little more is discovered.
The two stories combine perfectly and I was never really sure about who should be trusted.
Tess Gerritsen is an expert at dropping breadcrumbs of information but it’s not an easy guess to figure out how everything pieces together.
The grisly details are written about in true to style gritty form coupled with a hint of creepiness throughout the book.
For me this was a great thriller, full of detail and atmosphere, with twists and a plot that kept me gripped from start to finish!
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Now That You’re Gone by Julie Corbin


Isla and Dougie,  twins whose bond has remained strong well into adulthood.  
Following Isla's divorce,  her brother Dougie,  moved closer to her in order to 
support her and help with her two children.  The two of them work for the same 
company,  although Dougie,  an ex-marine did the more in depth private 

The two of them shared a close relationship and talked daily.  This is reflected 
with the narration of the story.  Dougie's body is found in the River Clyde,  Isla is suspicious 
of the circumstances and takes it upon herself to pursue the truth, narrating 
this journey to her brother as she proceeds. 

Running alongside the unravelling of her brother's mysterious death,  we also 
discover that not everything is as it seems with Isla's own life. 

Driven by the need to make sense of Dougie's death,  Isla finds herself in seedy part 
of town mixing with some unsavoury characters.  Here she puts her own life at 
risk and that of Dougie's ex-wife,  who despite not being an easy fit with 
the family,  still carries a deep love for Dougie. 

I found the beginning of this story a bit of a slow burner,  laying down the foundations and fuelling 
the mystery.  What develops from this is a twist laden, psychological thriller,  
it kept me wondering what the outcome would be and puzzling over most of the characters  

An intriguing family based thriller, just how far would you be prepared to go for somebody you love?

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Quarter Past Two on a Wednesday Afternoon by Linda Newbery



A warm, August afternoon, spent lounging in the garden of the family home. The last time Rose is seen by her sister, Anna.

What a cracking read!
I loved this book – the images it created, the suspenseful story, each of the characters and the way it flowed from past to present.
The mystery surrounding Rose’s disappearance is full of intriguing twists, weighted against the story of how Anna and her Mother and Father, have carried Rose with them ever since.
Anna, now in her thirties, hasn’t ended up living the life she had envisioned. She appears restless, both with her job and relationship with Martin and unsure of the direction her life is taking. Perhaps prompted by the looming sale of her family home, Anna dives deeply into trying to discover what did happen to Rose, twenty years ago.
At the same time, Sandra, Rose and Anna’s Mother, appears to be having trouble holding things together. Sandra’s history alongside her present story is perfectly placed and holds a mystery all of its own.
A suspenseful, intriguing read, cleverly written with characters whose stories are extremely well developed – engrossing and satisfying!
You can read more about Linda Newbery here – @lindanewbery and here – www.lindanewbery.co.uk
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Little Mercies by Heather Gudenkauf

Little Mercies

Ellen Moore, is a social worker dedicated to helping vulnerable children. Ellen has been involved with some harrowing situations and is particularly haunted by one of her past cases.

Juggling her work and home life, Ellen sets off one morning, half listening to her husband as she rushes to leave on time.

Ellen receives a distressing call from a child she works with and rushes off to help.

A moment of concentration loss, leads to a shocking incident, one that spins Ellen’s world out of control.

Running parallel to Ellen’s story is that of Jenny. Ten year old Jenny lives with her father, she has a troubled background and all is clearly not well with her current living arrangements. Embarking upon another of their fresh starts, Jenny and her father prepare to leave for a new city and the promise of work. Things get out of hand as they are waiting for their bus, which leaves Jenny boarding it alone.

When Jenny arrives in the new city she is befriended by Maudene, who she meets at a pancake diner and who takes it upon herself to look after her.

Two worlds about to collide, two families whose lives will be forever changed.

This is a fantastic read! The characters and settings are extremely believable and the tone of Heather Gudenkauf’s writing really adds to the atmosphere. The two main stories link seamlessly, I loved the twists and reveals.

A story with great depth, the horror that results from a moments loss of concentration, which could happen to us all, really adds to the desperateness of the characters story.

You can find out more about Heather Gudenkauf here – http://www.heathergudenkauf.com/ and here – @hgudenkauf

Hot Property by Tasha Harrison



Sun, sea, sand, Crete and a new home…

Ed and Lauren leave behind the UK and venture to Crete with their two young children. They have found their perfect home, The Beekeeper’s Cottage, and are in the midst of their purchase.
Hard nosed property developers Jeremy and Susannah are willing and able to do anything to secure the properties they want to buy and don’t intend to miss out on the home Ed and Lauren have pipped them to.
Travel rep, Georgie, soon uncovers a person from her past that affected her life greatly and starts plotting her revenge but will she be able to stop before taking things too far?
Becky and Yiannis own the best restaurant on the island with the most beautiful sea views. As the temperature rises in the kitchen, fiery clashes with their teenage daughter Sophia are not far behind. There also seems to be some alarming sabotage occurring and the once successful restaurant seems to be losing its shine.
Stafford, artist and good friend to all, tries to help out where he can. Watching events unfold around him, he discovers some unsavoury goings on, can he stop what has been put into motion before it’s too late?
This is a brilliant summer read, lots of well developed characters sharing a linked storyline. There are a few sinister undertones coupled with some villainous characters – all the while I was reading I kept hoping they’d get what was coming to them! 
Well rounded and satisfying, perfect beach reading!
Available as an Ebook.
You can find out more about Tasha Harrison here – http://tashaharrison.com/ and here – @TashaHarrison_

One Night in Italy by Lucy Diamond



Pop the prosecco and sip back and relax with this bubbly novel!

One Night in Italy, introduces us to a cast of characters who all meet at a local Italian Class. Taught by Sophie who has been living in Sorrento for the past two years and has returned home to Sheffield due to her Father’s ill health.
All of the characters become firm friends and chapter by chapter we discover their background stories. Anna is stuck in a dull relationship, Sophie has a rocky history with her parents and Catherine is striking out on her own after she catches her husband cheating on her.
There is fun, friendship and frolics mixed in with a splash of intrigue, family mysteries and budding romance .
One Night in Italy, is the perfect comfort read, just pair it with your favourite Italian dessert! 
You can find out more about Lucy Diamond, here – http://www.lucydiamond.co.uk/ and here – @LDiamondAuthor
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The Long Fall by Julia Crouch



Emma –

Greece, 1980, eighteen year old, lone traveller Emma, has arrived in Athens, low in spirit and felling isolated. Emma is approached by Jake, a fellow traveller who extends the hand of friendship, later in the evening whilst enjoying dinner they meet and welcome Beattie to their table.

Over the next few days the trio spend their days drinking, taking drugs and sleeping it all off on a hostel roof – the coolest place to sleep and escape the cloying heat. Emma’s mood is bolstered and a sense of belonging envelopes her.
The three of them decide to travel to one of the quieter Greek islands, Ikaria, longing to find paradise. Instead they are involved in a violent event. An event which Emma will never forget.
Kate –
In London, Kate lives a magazine perfect life. A long marriage, a huge house filled with modern art, a famous face of the charity she began and no money troubles.
Except somebody has tracked Kate down, somebody from her very distant past. Somebody who wants revenge and knows just how to get it.
This novel is a dark, twisty, absorbing psychological thriller. The two timelines work brilliantly together adding to the menacing atmosphere as bit by bit the full story is revealed.
You can find out more about Julia Crouch here – http://juliacrouch.co.uk/ and here –  
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That Night by Chevy Stevens



“Eighteen-year-old Toni and her boyfriend, Ryan, were wrongly convicted of the murder of her younger sister.”

I thought this was a fantastic read, I loved the writing, the pace and the characters.
Toni and Ryan are teenagers in love, bending the rules, sneaking around and dabbling in a few things they shouldn’t. One night a tragic incident happens involving Toni’s younger sister Nicole. A group of girls who have been making life hell for Toni provide witness statements firmly sealing Toni and Ryan’s fate. 
The book alternates between Toni and Ryan’s story when they are eighteen and their following years in prison.  I found this a great way of getting an insight into the characters and their relationships. The friends, enemies, relatives and prison family are all well developed. 
There is a definite sense of dread as Toni tries to prove her innocence, when you have a reputation and are not believed, outing the truth can be the most difficult thing.
Dangerous secrets simmer beneath the surface and everything seems to be delicately balanced like a house of cards.
Can Toni and Ryan clear their names before things come tumbling down?
Find more about Chevy Stevens here – @ChevyStevens and here – http://chevystevens.com/
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Thirteen Weddings by Paige Toon



Take one girl who has a fear of churches, who doesn’t believe in marriage and add thirteen weddings…

Bronte arrives in London, from Australia, to attend the wedding of childhood friend Polly. During the hen night celebrations Bronte meets Alex. They share one blissful night together but in the morning Alex receives a text message from his ex, Zara, asking to meet and Bronte flies home to Australia.
Bronte soon returns to London, landing a job at a magazine, not expecting to see Alex again, she is shocked to find out he is her new colleague. 
Meanwhile, Bronte, ends up connecting with wedding photographer, Rachel, who she met through her friend Polly. She agrees to help out with some of the weddings Rachel has booked for the rest of the year. At one of these weddings she meets Lachie, a fellow Australian whose easy going nature and good looks catch Bronte’s attention.
Bronte is torn between Alex and Lachie. Alex is now engaged to Zara and their wedding is booked. Lachie is single and slips in easily with Bronte’s group of friends. Bronte struggles with her feelings for Alex and what could have been and those for Lachie and what could be.
Family secrets simmer in the background, friendships are formed and difficult decisions are never far away.
A great summer read, consisting of love, friendship and travel. 
I really like the way Paige Toon also includes mentions of characters from previous books, it’s a great way of getting a snapshot update on past characters!
You can read more about Paige Toon here – http://www.paigetoon.com/ and here – @PaigeToonAuthor
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The Accident by C.L. Taylor



The Accident by C.L. Taylor is a gripping, suspenseful and fascinating read, perfect for fans of psychological thrillers.

Sue Jackson is married to Brian, has a daughter, a stepson and relaxes at night with a book and a glass of wine. On the surface life seems pretty rosy. Until her fifteen year old daughter, Charlotte, steps in front of a bus and ends up in a coma. Sue doesn’t believe what happened was an accident and is drawn into a consuming search to uncover the truth.
The book follows Sue as she tries to piece together the actions leading up to this tragic event, driven on by a diary entry written by her daughter. The trail she follows veers towards a sinister undercurrent which leads back twenty years to Sue’s very own past.
The novel is interspersed with diary entries written by Sue during an abusive relationship with James. These entries contribute to the feeling of menace and give another dimension to Sue’s character.
Doubted by those close to her, Sue finds herself alone trying to protect her daughter as the ominous feeling rumbles throughout the pages.
A dark, full bodied read that would appeal to fans of Elizabeth Haynes, S J Watson and Elizabeth Forbes.
You can find out more about C. L. Taylor here http://www.callytaylor.co.uk/  and here https://twitter.com/callytaylor
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